Aiko Heidi Dillon has had and continues to have many people who help her in her musical/cultural/artistic path of experiences, personal reflection and self expression.  There are so many people to mention; this list would be very long if they were all included.  Thank you to everyone that got Aiko Heidi started in many of the areas that have became a critical component of who she is today.  A super special thanks to:


Vilmos Oláh

Aiko Heidi spends most of her time under the direction of her Mentor, Emmy Award winning Violin Virtuoso Vilmos Oláh. In 2017 she relocated to Budapest Hungary to study Violin with him. He has been and continues to be an amazing musical inspiration and role model for Aiko Heidi. Vilmos Oláh is a violin soloist and concertmaster who has performed across four continents. In addition to his regular performance schedule he has served as an ambassador of Hungarian's rich musical culture; teaching violin Master classes around the globe. He was recently awarded an Emmy for his leading performance in the PBS production 'The Violin Alone'. Aiko Heidi has been blessed to have the time of such a rare talent.


Robert Davidovici

When Aiko Heidi met Maestro Davidovici she knew what she wanted but was sailing without a rudder. Maestro Davidovici was her primary violin teacher but even after being separated from her by some distance he continued to guide her education; seeing Aiko Heidi in Florida, Wyoming, New York and Budapest Hungary. Even today he continues to play a vital role in her music education. He is her mentor, friend and much more. He is an inspiration to Aiko Heidi in art, music, culture and life. From the first time they met in Florida, to seeing each other around the world, when they are together it is an amazing example of the perfect student/teacher relationship. Maesto Davidovici is an award winning Transylvania born international Violin Virtuoso (former student of Ivan Galamian) who needs no introduction.

Dr. Kanae Komugi

Dr. Kanae Komugi is Aiko Heidi’s Musical adviser, long time family friend and Godmother. Dr. Kanae Komugi is a flute instructor at the prestigious California based youth music conservatory, Opus 119. Aiko Heidi runs many important decisions by her to take advantage of her musical expertise and often gets her direct coaching. Their lively coaching sessions are a staple of the Dillon Family Thanksgiving Holiday traditions.


  • Ari Kupsus

  • Csilla Öri

  • Kazuko Oomori

  • Masayo Hattori

  • Miyuki Murata

  • Nancy & Hal Wellman

  • Narihito Mukeda

  • Shingo Ozaki